Attitude is Everything

Yesterday as I was waiting in the car line to pick up my little loves from school, I opened up Facebook to read a post that completely rocked me. It was written by one of our very own Kensington peeps and she was talking about how her household woke up to no water and how they made the best out of it. What caught my attention were these three statements – “Attitude is everything”, “1st world problems”, and “God is good and the devil is noisy”.  Such true and powerful statements!

As I began my morning routine of getting everyone up and ready to start their day, I pulled the usual “leave the house and go back in”, “leave and go back in” and “leave and go back in”. As I started to leave I realized I forgot my coffee, I forgot the leotard for gymnastics tonight, and, oh wait Bubba really needs that one hat so let me run back in one more time. These little things that got me flustered were so little and they are just that -1st world problems.

As I read those three statements again, I began to think of the frost on my window when I went out to start my car and that we have people who are living outside right now in our beautiful but chilly little Traverse City. I thought about all the faces that I recently met on a trip to Kenya and the joy that radiates from them. I thought about the TC Cares Clinic we recently were able to partner with and how we saw families that were eager to sit and enjoy a warm meal together and who were thankful for winter items that they may have had to get by without. I thought about that student in elementary school whose world has been turned upside down and a mentor became their beacon of hope. I thought about that single mom that lights up knowing she can do life beyond the here and now and that she is not alone and has a community to call her own. These things often come to mind because I have been blessed to lead our church partnerships with organizations in town that allow us to enter in to hurting worlds and come alongside them. It is a blessing that these people allow us to come into their worlds and do life with them.

I feel like I have been given such a gift to be a part of it! Often you will hear someone say the phrase “You get more out of serving than you will ever receive”, but until you experience it yourself, words cannot do due diligence to that statement. I love being a part of a church that doesn’t just allow us but encourages us to move way beyond the walls of this building and into our community. I am so excited to see what this next year will bring and to do life alongside each of you!

And remember, “Attitude is everything”. “God is good and the devil is noisy”- Lisa.

Have a fantastic week! 


Jammie Hall | Global/Local Outreach Coordinator

Jenn Bander