What Matters

Recently one morning while hunting I was sitting in a tree stand before sunrise and had time to reflect on life. It was a beautiful quiet morning and the sun was just starting to lighten the sky a little. I love this time of year and being able to get out and see all of Gods wonderful creation.
I started to think back on this past summer and how crazy it had been at times for some of our staff and myself. It is starting to seem like a distant dream now but with a happy ending. God has brought together such a sweet group of people to work together with and a new large great family to be a part of with Kensington.

I love seeing all the new faces and families coming each Sunday, along with hearing the great stories about how Christ is working through His Spirit and people to affect lives for eternity.
For me this is what really matters - to be able to see one life at a time transformed and come into a true love relationship with Christ for his kingdom!


Mike Frick | Facility Manager

Jenn Bander