Living the Dream

Looking at my childhood, I don’t think there was anyone in my life who would have guessed I’d end up where I am today and be this happy. Most children grow up wanting to become doctors, pilots, lawyers, artists, firefighters, or even teachers. Does any child ever say they want to be a receptionist when they grow up? 

I’ve always tried to live in the moment never thinking much about my future at any given time. Because of things that happened in my life when I was young, not thinking far into the future was a comfortable thing to me. I had wanted to be a veterinarian because as a child I was around animals more than humans. I was made to be an animal lover and healer at heart, but who would have thought God was going to prepare me for something even greater? That instead someday I would be a children-of-God lover and spirit healer?  Who would have thought THIS would be my dream job? I sure had no idea, but God did. 
My job isn’t shiny, glamorous, or fancy. Honestly, ministry is hard, messy, and exhausting most days. It’s possibly the hardest job I’ve ever had, but I can truly say this is my dream job because it is what God has built me for. I still remember that day when I first realized God wanted me to work at this church. An overwhelming sense of peace came over me, and I felt drive, desire, and excitement that just wouldn’t go away. I remember lifting my hands up in the air and saying, “Lord, if this is so, then I trust you will make it happen. Whether it’s next week or twenty years from now, Lord, this is what I want to do and this is what I believe you have made me for. Help me to get there, however it may be and however long it may take”. I continued to pray daily and work hard at a job that brought me to tears from exhaustion every day. In His perfect timing though, God blessed me abundantly with my first job in ministry. It has morphed since then and it has been hard, but every single moment and change we’ve been through since I joined this amazing staff has been worth it. 
God has equipped me for this exact job in this season of my life. This is what he has called me to do and be. Knowing THAT is what fills me each day. The joy I feel when I can bless others in my daily routine is what fills my tank. Whether it’s a phone call, someone walking in who needs help, providing a calming voice and presence, lending a shoulder and an ear to listen, sharing a simple prayer over the phone, connecting someone to the right ministry or one of our awesome community resources, or whether it’s helping a coworker with a time-sensitive project, through it all I get to make people feel at home when they come here. I get to share the love of Jesus with others from simple to big ways.
My title may only be “Campus Receptionist”, but I feel like I’ve won the lottery with the best job in the world. I really have an Executive Director position to the most important person in the world – Jesus Christ. We ALL do. “So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us.” 2 Corinthians 5:20. I may not always work in ministry, but I hold this truth in any job I have going forward too.
I’ve also learned that ministry isn’t just what we do in these walls, but what we do out in the community too. Ministry is loving on the cashier at the grocery store, the waitress serving your meal, the postal worker or UPS driver delivering your mail and packages, the gas station attendant. What matters is the love you share with everyone you encounter each day at your job and throughout the community. Everyone you encounter every day has been placed in your life for a reason. The hope and promise of Jesus Christ is the most amazing gift of all. None of us are deserving, yet Jesus paid the price for us anyway because He loves us that much. Knowing that good news, how could you not want to share it with the world? 

This is what living the dream feels like. For now, until God’s plan for my life changes, I am going to love every second of this life, the good and the bad. The joy that comes from being where God wants you to be is an amazing feeling. I feel peace and joy as I firmly place my trust in Him. My hope for you is that you will seek out God’s will for your life too. Continue to listen and pray for his guidance. I promise He won’t let you down.


Anna Martin | Campus Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

Jenn Bander