Pursuing the [ONE]

This has been an amazing summer!  With all of the auditorium and building updates and the piles of new gear that we have received, it has felt like Christmas - all summer long!

With all this new equipment and the pressure to perform with it at such a high level, there are really only two responses.  One, the team could run screaming from the daunting task. Or two, the team could take a deep breath and rise to the challenge.  Guess what our team's response has been?

Over and over I am impressed and blessed by Kensington TC's production team.  They have worked countless hours over the past few months installing and training on our gear, and have truly risen to the challenge.  

But why all this money and time spent on lights and sound and video?  Why work so hard to install and train and strive for such a high level of production?  It all comes down to pursuing the [one].  We are passionate about creating environments and experiences for those who never thought they would sit through a church service let alone enjoy it. And not only enjoy it, but come away having experienced the truth and love of Jesus.  We want the message of Jesus to be conveyed through every element: lights, sound, video - with such power and beauty that those who don't know Jesus will encounter him in a fresh and life-changing way.  

It's not about the gear, it's not about pushing buttons or calling camera shots - it's about the message of Jesus being heard, felt, and seen. 

This is why we work so hard in production.  We are the facilitators of the message of Jesus.  The only truth that can heal the broken and transform lives.

Great work team.  


Greg Ruby | Technical Director

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