Through Others

For some, Kensington is a place that you just checked out for the very first time. Maybe you’ve experienced it a few times now, maybe you hate church, or maybe you’ve come from another church. I have called Kensington my home for the past five and a half years now. In the grand scheme of things, five years is nothing, but for me…it was everything.

My Uncle invited me to Kensington. I came back because I thought the worship leader had an amazing voice and the message was applicable to my life. Little did I know that the Pastor was reading from something called a Bible, and he was talking about the creator of not only the Universe, but the author of my story. I kept coming back because I was intrigued and had to know more about God and what kind of role He played in my life. I found Jesus in this place. I was baptized in this place. I volunteered my time, lots of my time, to this place. I turned around and baptized students that I love in this place. I led a small group in this place. I was an intern in this place. I joined my own small group in this place. I met my best friends in this place. I found my husband in this place. I was married in this place.

In all of it, God showed me that it wasn’t about Kensington, it wasn’t about church, but it was about discovering how sweet, how pure, and how great my relationship could be with Him. I was told time and time again that I didn’t have to do any of it on my own, but I could have a whole community of people cheering me on, and doing this with me.

When I think back on my journey, in this place, I am reminded that it was through people that I was able to have my very first encounters with Jesus. People who cared about me, people who invested their lives in me, people who lost sleep just for me. Just so I could get a glimpse of how good our Father is.

I think about the past five years and, as the KKids Director here at Kensington Traverse City, I want nothing short of my past five years…for someone else. I want our team and our volunteers to care so much about people, about families, and about children, that they would lose sleep for them, invest their lives for them, and challenge them just the way that people did for me. If we do this right I have a feeling, in fact, I can promise you, that Jesus can use us to help change the entire trajectory of families’ legacies in a radical way.


Taylor Leal | KKids Director

Jenn Bander