Under Scripture

Getting older is hard.  We all have to do it.  None of us can control the circumstances and events that will shape how we age, but all of us will get older.

If you’re reading this think back to your middle school and high school days.  Think back to the rope you had to climb in gym class.  Think back to the barely edible lunches you were served.  Think back to those little crammed desks in non air-conditioned classrooms.  Think back to those Friday night lights.  Think back to the dances.  Think back to the first break up. 

While you may not want to think back on it, all of those moments shaped your life somehow.  Whether you remember it or not, your middle and high school years changed how you thought about yourself.     

Today students are growing up even faster and with more on their plates than ever before.  Technology has changed the world but it has also opened up the door to challenges that weren’t faced before. A quick scroll through comments of a picture on Instagram can find students getting torn down for their looks, beliefs, hobbies, or friends.  Adult websites and content are becoming more and more popular with students because of the ease of access to the internet.  Our students today are facing a lot.

We firmly believe our students need someone to step alongside them during these important years of their life.  We call these people small group leaders. These people cheer students on in success.  These people stand with students in failures.  These people point students back to Jesus.

We believe that no matter what students are going through we can find hope and direction in Jesus and throughout the Bible.  Every week in our Breakaway and Edge services we tackle topics and ideas from the Bible because we believe it directly impacts how we live our lives today.  We believe the best principles and practices for living are rooted in this book.  Small group leaders join the conversation sharing their stories and experiences and how they found hope through Jesus and in the Bible.

In a culture that is constantly changing we can find hope in words that are timeless.  Our goal is to point students back to these words written in scripture that can lay the foundation for their lives. 

Joe Leal | Student Ministries Director

Jenn Bander