A New Year

Well it’s 2017, a new year that comes with new resolutions, new goals, and new dreams.  Lately I find myself very reflective and deep in thought over the past year.  I ponder my successes, disappointments, joys, sorrows and failures.  I analyze, justify, and critique myself until I’m dizzy.  I should have exercised more, ate less, worked harder, worked less, prayed more, flossed my teeth more (actually, just flossed my teeth), spent more time with friends …. You get the picture.

In the process of my deep reflection I have felt God calling me to simplify, to be still and to pursue Him in new and fresh ways that will allow me to find more balance in my life.  This sounds so simple, but for me it isn’t.  I have struggled my entire life with setting healthy boundaries and balance.

I am a grandma to three beautiful, amazing, incredible (okay, I’m slightly partial) grandchildren that have grabbed my heart in a way that I didn’t know was possible.  When I’m with them it feels as if I haven’t got a care in the world and there is nothing but love, joy, and laughter oozing around us.  My little Emma will often say, “Gram, this is the best day ever!”  Oh how I love those words!  During these times I am able to be still, to stop and soak in their precious love.  
I am guessing that is exactly what God desires with us; a love that is more than we can comprehend.  He adores us and so desires us spending time with Him.  “Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the earth (Psalm 46:10)".  While the world seems to be increasingly more chaotic, I’m convinced it is a battle worth fighting and one that will bring incomparable joy that I can find nowhere else, even with my grandkids!

As I focus on 2017 my prayer will be that God fills every fiber of my being with His breath, His Word, and His love; that I will sit still, close my mouth, and just breathe.  I pray that He will guide my path and be a lamp unto my feet.  When 2018 comes along and I’m once again deep in reflection and pondering, I hope I can see where I’ve grown in my relationship with God and my love for others.  Perhaps I’ll even be able to say I regularly flossed.  


Polly Sonneveldt | Campus Director


Jenn Bander