Family Dinner

It’s one of those things I took for granted as a kid – even dreaded some days… not sure why.  Really, it’s pretty amazing the job my mom did in gathering us all up, my dad, my older sister, me, my two younger brothers, and my grandpa.  We’d sit around a ten foot long rustic table made from a late 19th century work bench - my mom knew what was cool even before Joanna Gaines : )

We’d gobble up a well-balanced dinner, and listen to stories from my grandpa’s time in World War II, or talk about how school was going.  My mom would then open up her devotional, or we’d read a passage of scripture together and discuss.

Thinking back on it now – I was so blessed to have a family that deeply desired passing along a vibrant faith from generation to generation.  And now it’s my turn with a young family of my own – but I keep failing to keep family dinnertime a priority.  I’m tired, we’re busy, kids are cranky, and on and on… so we sit around the table, eating as quickly as we can – sometime even leaving Disney Jr. on in the background as our twin 5 year olds stare at the TV…

Not the same family dinner as I grew up with… and not the memories of family dinners I want to leave with my kids.

It’s time to make a change.

We just finished the “Vertical Family” series as a church – and many of the truths and challenges shared during the weekend services made an impact on me – but the “Family Pray 30” challenge (a booklet of short scriptures and discussion questions), has spurred us to take back dinner time and use it to grow the faith of our family.  

We still come to the table tired, thinking about our busy schedules, kids cranky from a day at school… but now it’s a time where we can reflect on the words of God through the Bible, and connect heart to heart with our kids about the highs and lows of their day.  We don’t get it right every day – but we’re making an effort to use this time wisely and not squander it like I had been.

There’s a passage of scripture in Deuteronomy 6 that constantly rings in my ears – it talks of how we are to pass on our faith from generation to generation.  We are to love God with all of ourselves – and lead our families in faith by talking about the Bible and how we see God working in our lives when we’re home, when we’re on the road, when we wake up and before we go to bed.  Family dinnertime is just a portion of this – and I want to take advantage of every opportunity to see my kids grow in their faith so that they too one day will lead a faithful family of their own.


Greg Ruby | Technical Director

Jenn Bander