The Lions Den

Many times in my life and my walk with the Lord I have heard sermons, messages, and read in the scripture how I am supposed to handle conflict and anger between me and someone else.  But I also have found that being gifted, or wired naturally, to be a peacemaker makes it very hard to confront conflict. In my toolbox of spiritual gifts those that rise to the surface more often than others for me are encouragement, mercy, and helping others.  So my natural tendency is to run from conflict or hope that it will be resolved somehow without my involvement.

Recently I had several issues of conflict arise between me and a friend who I love and appreciate very much.  I found myself once again wanting to run from the lions den and hoped that I didn't have to get more deeply involved.  For me the lions den represents a place of danger, fear, and pain which would naturally never draw me to it.  Thankfully through prayer and good counsel I found myself on a path headed back towards the conflict and seeking resolution.  In Ephesians chapter 4 verses 26 and 27 we are encouraged to deal with anger and conflict.  These verses make it clear that by not resolving anger and conflict it will lead to sin and give the devil a foothold in our lives.

The conversation with my friend was very hard at first but in the end there were tears, hugs, and much love expressed.  I truly believe that our Heavenly Father was pleased and glorified with the end result.  I believe my relationship with my friend is much better and stronger and will go forward in a manner that will please our Lord.

My encouragement to all believers again would be to obey scripture and run towards the lions den to resolve conflict between each other for the glory of the Lord.

In Christ,

Mike Frick | Facilities Manager

Jenn Bander