The Joy Of Servanthood

Serving together with others for the joy of the Lord has been my experience since December of 2016 at Kensington Church.  In just a few short months I’ve seen and witnessed this amazing joy serving together with the staff and leaders in many beautiful ways!

I have experienced it through love, laughter, prayer and compassion for others while being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Through commitment, dedication and words of encouragement and hope to those in need whose hearts are longing for a friend to care.  I’ve witnessed long days and nights with Patrick and teachers preparing the right message, through our amazing teams including many volunteers who’ve given hours graciously for the work of the Lord. It has been my privilege and honor to serve alongside these beautiful men and women of God!

Serving as the Early Childhood KKids Coordinator has shown me how to be more like Jesus!  He’s helped me to walk in obedience, serve with humility, giving grace, love others unconditionally, let go of control, to have a deeper prayer life, and stepping outside the box while trusting God for all things in faith.  My heart couldn’t be more complete bursting with love for all the KKids & their families along with faithful leaders and volunteers who serve faithfully each week and month. Watching over 20+ kids give their hearts to Jesus this Easter all for the glory of God has been one of my favorite moments to witness! Whoo Hoo!  Life doesn’t get any better than this!  

“But be sure to fear the Lord and serve him faithfully with all your heart, consider what great things he has done for you.”     1 Samuel 12:24

May you too be filled with the joy of the Lord everyday.  Wishing you blessings, peace and God’s love as you walk out your journey of faithfulness.


Pamela Mills | Early Childhood KKids Coordinator

Jenn Bander