Embrace The Crazy

The last couple of times I was asked to write a blog post, I think I mentioned change. It’s funny because, as I am thinking about this season of my life, change is a repeating theme for me. And here I am, ready to share more about this word change, again, with all of you. In just three short weeks my husband Joe and I are expecting our very first baby.

Change and newness are an understatement for this next chapter of our lives. With Mother’s Day just passing, my heart has been fully wrapped around the idea of being a mom. So many of you do it so well! I feel like God has been pointing you out to me in our community, in the lobby of our church, and as you drop your kiddos off in KKids. I watch the way you lead your families, the grace you extend, the love that you give, and the patience that you have. I want that. As I am thinking about being a mom, I am praying for those qualities that you have modeled so well for me and for all of the other new moms out there. If you don’t feel like this is you, if you feel like your life is messy, if you walk in on a Sunday morning with hair and make-up from the night before, if you couldn’t get your kids to match (or get them out of their pajamas), I want you to know that I admire you too. I thank God for this category of mommy’s. I thank you for your ability to be real and raw. I pray for those qualities in my new chapter of motherhood too. Why would I pray to “not have it all together”?  Jesus keeps challenging me with the question: If you were prefect and knew all of the answers, would you need me? If we had it all together, the truth is, we would have no need for a savior.

My prayer for you, mommy’s, is that you won’t be too hard on yourself. That you embrace the crazy. Even before our little one will enter the world, I have been practicing this and God has been teaching me a lot through it. Knowing that I am not going to have all the answers about labor and delivery, that my feet are swollen and I still have an occasional French fry, and that this large belly is making me lose sleep…God has taught me to stop being so hard on myself. Stop striving to be perfect. And lately, I have been finding my identity in Him and my time embracing the crazy has allowed me to fully rely on Jesus through every bit of it.

As I was reading another blog post, I stumbled across this prayer, and I thought it would be appropriate to share with all of the other new moms out there. Here is my prayer for you:

"In this intense nine months, when mothers-to-be are realizing that their life is about to change forever, bless them God, because they feel alternately elated and alarmed. Help each mother-in-waiting to understand that she has been carefully chosen, by both you and by her baby, to guide it through its early years on planet Earth. Let her know that she will never be alone in the process. Help her to remember that her baby is your own perfect creation, just as she, herself, is your own perfect creation. Thank you God, for making each of your creations uniquely perfect in its own way. Amen." 
Lauren McLaughlin

I love that it says we will never be alone. I hope you know that you have a Father who loves you so much, He wants you to endure motherhood with Him. He’s reliable, He is steadfast, He cares about the things weighing deep in your heart, and He wants to be in the crazy, with you.

Much love to all the moms out there!


Taylor Leal | KKids Director

Jenn Bander