This series focuses on the mission and values of Kensington which is the heart and soul of Jesus.  This mission along with the values, measures, and strategy is at the very heart and soul of who we are and what God has called us to be about.


FOR.  The word gives to openhandedness and an approach that encourages us all to pursue the best in one another.  It’s a starting point for unity and togetherness.  It’s an approach to each other and our city that gives way to new life, vision, and opportunity.  Often times, the perception of the church is built on what it’s against, but we don’t think it has to be that way.  Join us as we discover how Kensington will be FOR Families, FOR the Community, and how we are here FOR Traverse City.


What will people say about you when you’re gone? What would you like them to say? June 26 – July 31 we will experience a six-part series called, LEGACY: Living A Life that Matters. Because the choices we make each day become the legacy we leave behind.



Long before you ever attended church, there was someone who was making church ready for you. Across Traverse City, there are thousands of people who have never and never plan on attending a church, however, we know that one day they will walk through our doors. Just like you, they will gather their kids early on a Sunday, pull into the parking lot, and experience an environment that will one day change their entire life. In this two week series, we’ll discover together what made you want to come back and the secret ingredient that will make our church… Irresistible.